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Search the newest homes for sale in Regency Lakes below! Our Realtors at Southport Oak Island Realty Group are here to help you find a fantastic home, help you do the research, and understand your investment. Contact us today (910-457-7113), so we may help you find a home that fits your lifestyle. Our Realtors often know of homes and the top new construction communities in Regency Lakes before they hit the market. 

Houses in Regency Lakes have become some of the most desirable in the country, with the city’s affordability and area’s growing economy. With mild weather, plentiful economic opportunities, excellent golf courses, and plenty of nearby restaurants around town, Regency Lakes regularly appears on lists of America’s best cities to live and play.

  Current Real Estate Statistics for Homes in Regency Lakes May, 29, 2024

Regency Lakes Homes for Sale

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Regarding homes for sale in Regency Lakes, they offer some of the best value in the country! You can view all Southport Oak Island Realty Group’s Listings from this website from any city. Above, you will find all the available Regency Lakes Homes for sale, with new data updated every 15 minutes!

Regency Lakes in St. James, NC isn’t just one of the best cities to live, work, and play in. It’s also one of the best places to own a home. The Regency Lakes Real Estate market doesn’t experience the volatility that most markets do, and industry experts are projecting almost a 8% appreciation in home values between 2023 and 2028. 

The secret is out, Regency Lakes in St. James Plantation is one of the best places in the United States. Regency Lakes in St. James Plantation, NC has all the ingredients if there was a recipe for a fantastic city to grow up, live and retire in. It’s no wonder Bestplaces consistently ranks Bluffton Woods within the top 10 for best nearby beaches in the area!

Regency Lakes and St. James has a growing population of 6,913 and has nearly doubled in population growth in the last ten years. New Construction in Regency Lakes is rising, with many folks relocating to the area and calling the Regency Lakes suburb home.

Part of the reason Regency Lakes is experiencing so much growth is the spillover from the number of people moving to Brunswick county

Homes for Sale in Regency Lakes

There are so many reasons why people love living in Regency Lakes at St. James, NC, and why it has become one of the best places to live in the Brunswick County area. From the safety of living in Regency Lakes at St. James to the things to do, to the restaurants and more, you will love living in Regency Lakes!

If you have any questions on Regency Lakes please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help answer any questions related to Regency Lakes at St. James or the Southport area in general! People are moving to North Carolina because they love living here.

Regency Lakes is attracting families from all over the country to make the move, and thanks to the town’s rapid-paced growth, the people who are moving here can make friends easily. Many of the people in the town have made the move from somewhere else and may not know anyone else, making it easy to make new friends.


If you’re looking at luxury homes for sale in Regency Lakes at St. James Plantation, NC, you’ll want to start by visiting our luxury real estate page. This is an excellent resource for those who are seeking a resource to assist them in buying a house in a higher price range. When purchasing a more expensive home, there is less room to make a mistake because a few small percentage points, or buying the wrong luxury home could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Luxury properties are also harder to sell because there is a smaller pool of buyers for those homes. 

New Construction

At a growth rate of 47 people per day, Brunswick County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. For this reason, builders focus on developing homes and communities in the near the Oak Island NC area. This gives anyone relocating or looking to buy new construction real estate in Regency Lakes at St James Plantation a great selection to choose from. To assist our clients and people looking to buy new homes we wrote an article on tips for buying a new construction house. The article is an excellent resource for anyone looking at new homes for sale in the Oak Island, NC area because it comes with high-quality information that can be applied to your buying process. The article also features an easy-to-read infographic that touches on the 11 significant steps when buying a brand-new property.

A lot of the new construction developers are building townhomes and condos in the Oak Island, NC and St James Plantation, NC area. There is a variety of  townhomes and condos to choose from. Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new home or an existing one, Regency Lakes at St James Plantation and the surrounding area has a lot of condominiums and attached housing options for you to search. Some things to be wary of would be HOA fees and neighborhood association policies when buying an attached unit. The reason is that if you want to live a particular lifestyle, it may not be possible with the strict rules HOAs sometimes have. It is in your best interest to work with a top Regency Lakes at St. James Plantation, NC Real Estate Agent who will help you find the perfect home to buy.

Find a Home for Sale!

If you’re considering a move to Regency Lakes at St James Plantation, NC you’ve picked a great place to relocate :). We love it here in Regency Lakes, and it appears the secret is out! There is an expected growth of 70+% population growth for the immediate area between 2023 and 2030.

One of the best things about Regency Lakes is the people. The Homes for Sale in Regency Lakes at St James Plantation, NC are also a huge plus, especially with the number of new communities being built in the surrounding area. If you want to learn more about the Regency Lakes Real Estate market, visit our blog! Several helpful articles will teach you all about buying and selling real estate. It’s our pleasure to provide precious content to our consumers in hopes we will win their business!

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