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2 of the Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Southport or Oak Island North Carolina area, you’ve probably been paying close attention to mortgage rates. Over the last couple

why your home did not sell in the southport nc and oak island nc area last time

Did your Home NOT SELL?

If your homes listing has expired and your house did not sell while on the real estate market, it’s completely normal to feel a mix of frustration and disappointment!

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Why being Pre-Approved is so important!

If you’re ready to buy a home, Realtors know, pre-approval is a crucial part of the process you definitely don’t want to skip. So, before you start picturing yourself

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Pros and Cons of HOA Living

Are you searching for a home in Southport NC or Oak Island NC and are wondering if living in an HOA community is a good fit for you? Keep

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Homeownership Strategies for Gen Z

The idea of owning a home has always been a big part of the American Dream. It’s a symbol of stability, independence, and having a place to truly call

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Clean gutters do more than you think for your home! Some use gutters as a protection from water running off of the house when your walking into the house.

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