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Pros and Cons of HOA Living

southport nc and oak island nc hoa living

Are you searching for a home in Southport NC or Oak Island NC and are wondering if living in an HOA community is a good fit for you? Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of HOAs in the Southport North Carolina area. 

HOA, also known as a homeowners’ association, is an organization that sets and enforces rules and standards for a neighborhood, townhomes of set of condominiums. A HOA community offers many benefits, such as amenities, maintenance, security, and many other things. But on the other hand, it does have its disadvantages, such as association fees and dues, restrictions, and bureaucracy.

Living in a community that is run by a homeowners’ association is very common in the Southport NC and Oak Island NC region. Our Southport and Oak Idland HOA’s usually consist of a board of directors that is made up of volunteers who devote time to overseeing the community.

Everyone has their own opinions on HOA communities and living in a HOA community in Southport NC or Oak Island NC, so if you are wondering if living in an HOA community locally is for you, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of the homeowners association.

Here are the pros and cons of the homeowner’s association (HOA).

Pros of living in a HOA Community

  1. They Provide Amenities

Many HOA communities offer residents access to the owner and resident-only amenities, which are considered perks that have been maintained by the HOA. Some of these amenities could include pools, clubhouses, gyms, sports facilities, beach clubs, marinas, and picnic areas.

These amenities are considered semi-private in that community members have access, but they do not have to worry about their upkeep. These amenities help put a sense of community throughout the neighborhood while they offer social gatherings throughout the years.

The plus side to these amenities that HOAs provide is that some of these things are things that some people may not be able to afford on their own, so this makes it more accessible and affordable in such a close proximity to the comfort of your own home.

  1. They Can Reduce Responsibilities

The HOA is in charge of overseeing the community, so they handle some of the landscaping duties as well as maintenance for common areas and amenities. This helps improve curb appeal and increase home values throughout the neighborhood, which can help in the selling process here in the Southport and Oak Island NC area.

Having members in charge of the community helps in many ways. Some HOAs also include trash collection, pest control, and many other things that can save you time and money and enhance your quality of life overall.

The fees that you pay sometimes seem like a lot, but if you think about it, these fees go towards many services like maintenance, trash removal and other things that you will not have to do on your own. So yes, you are paying, but for something in return that helps your life out.

  1. They Can Keep Up Appearances

Most of our local HOAs handle a large part of a home’s exterior upkeep, so you do not have to. Many of these include these things below. Keep in mind that each HOA in the Southport NC and Oak Island NC area is different, so make sure to ask you Realtor what your desired community offers.

  • Landscaping
  • Pest control
  • Trash pickup
  • Cleaning/painting exterior
  • Maintaining common areas
  • Repairing roads, walls, buildings

HOAs typically have many rules and restrictions for the appearance of homes and the community. The rules are to prevent property neglect and maintain the property values for the houses and the community overall. Southport NC HOA neighborhoods typically look more maintained and newer, even if they are older communities compared to ones without HOAs.

  1. They Can Help With Higher Resale Values

HOAs sell, on average, 4% more than other homes that do not offer HOAs. The selling price of homes is higher for larger houses and homes in small neighborhoods. Since the HOA keeps up with the community and upkeep, homes tend to stay in better condition than others.

Another reason for this is a sense of community when there is an HOA. Many people search for an area with friendly neighbors, and a welcoming community, so many people want homes with an HOA. Hence, the demand for these is higher in our local Southport NC area, so prices tend to be more expensive.

Buying a house in Southport NC is a considerable investment, as anywhere, and everyone wants their investment to increase in value over time, not decrease. Purchasing a home that is part of a homeowner’s association in Southport NC can be a great choice if you are looking to improve your property values and be a good use of your hard-earned money.

  1. Some Offer Emergency Services

Many people don’t really think about this part of the HOA, but it is sometimes hard to deal with emergencies on your own. Suppose there is any natural disaster or, flooding, or even a fire that can damage your property. In that case, it can have a significant impact on your property, mainly if it isn’t addressed immediately.

Some of our local Southport NC HOAs provide emergency services, which can be a quick assistance that will limit damages and prevent anything worse from happening to the property, which can also keep your home values up all in one. There are many benefits for these services, and the fees you pay do go into this sector as well so it makes it all worth it.

Cons of HOA Living

  1. Associated Fees

While Southport HOAs have many pros, the one primary reason people do not like them is the fees, mainly because they are mandatory. The HOA fee is the amount of money collected by an HOA organization from the owners to maintain the community. You are required to pay dues when you buy a home in a homeowner’s association.

The fee will be disclosed before you purchase a home. In addition to the monthly/annual price you pay, the HOA may increase the fee after you buy the property.

These fees, however, do go to the community to help of maintaining it as well as all the amenities and services that they offer the residents. Every HOA has different fee amounts; locally they can range from $60 to $700 monthly, so just be aware that every neighborhood varies!

  1. The Ever-Important Covenants and Rules Restrictions

Each HOA will have its own covenants and rules restrictions in place, such as what color you can paint your home, how you decorate outside and inside, where to park, if you can rent or not, and many other things. These rules tend to be in place to help regulate the community and boost the curb appeal of the homes in the Southport NC community.

Many people do not like to be told how they decorate or what to do with their own homes, so this is one of the main reasons why people do not want to live in Southport HOA communities. Below are some common violations that we see Southport NC HOAs enforce.

  • Exterior home paint color
  • Garbage in view of the public
  • Unkempt conditions like peeled paint or mildew
  • Unapproved shutters
  • Hose, toys, and miscellaneous objects left in the driveway

On the other hand, an HOA can stop you from renting out your own home, which many people do not like, especially because we live at the beach in Southport and Oak Island NC.  These Southport NC HOAs can impose many rental restrictions and disallow certain pets. Every HOA is different, though, so make sure you ask you Realtor so we can help you understand which HOA is right for you!

  1. Possibility of Poor Management

Southport NC and Bolivia NC HOAs are made up of volunteers in the community, which means that these people are humans and not so much professionals. A bad one can mismanage the community, misspend money, or even worse, abuse their power, which is one of the main reasons HOAs tend to face lawsuits because of the failure to maintain the community.

If the Southport NC or Bolivia NC HOA is lacking in money or anything, the whole community is on the same line. They are all one, so the residents also hold that responsibility if your leader messes up. On the other hand, sometimes there are lousy board members in which they will be very stingy about little things, which is one of the main cons people think of when it comes to HOAs and living in one at the beach near Oak Island NC, whether in Southport NC, Bolivia NC, Boiling Spring Lakes NC or even Caswell Beach NC.

  1. The Risk of Liens or Foreclosure

You are required to pay the community HOA fees when you move into this community, even if you do not use any of the amenities. If you do not pay your fees, then you will be fined. Those who do/cannot pay the acceptable assessments or the HOA fees can face a lien on their property from the HOA and risk of losing their home to foreclosure, unfortunately.

However, even though this may be a thing that can happen, it usually is the last resort for the HOA, but in general, if you do not pay your fees/fines, you will be punished, and the risk is always there. Sometimes, these fees can be hefty and seem obnoxious, so if you are paying these fees for amenities and things you do not think you will need, maybe search for other neighborhoods in the Southport and Oak Island NC area without HOAs.

However, keep in mind that this is considered the worst-case scenario. Each state may vary, as well as each community. In North Carolina, an HOA is permitted to include charges for the following in its lien unless provided otherwise:

  • Past due assessments
  • Late charges (not to exceed greater than $20 a month)
  • Fines for violations
  • Interest on past-due common assessments
  • Other charges connected to any of the documents or unpaid assessments
  • FAQ
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages of an HOA in Southport NC?
  • Most Southport HOA communities offer many benefits, such as the amenities, security, maintenance, and many other things. Still, on the other hand, there are some cons as well, such as fees, conflicts, bureaucracy, and restrictions.
  • What is the point of living in a Southport HOA?
  • One of the main reasons people prefer to live in homes in an HOA is because it stabilizes home values, keeps common areas maintained, and there are strict home appearance rules that keep the neighborhood well-kept.
  • Why do people tolerate HOAs in Southport and Oak Island?
  • One of the reasons people tolerate living in a HOA is due to the consistency of the property values because they ensure your investment maintains the value through laws, rules, and maintenance.
  • Why do people buy homes in HOAs?
  • Many people prefer to buy homes in HOA communities because they have better control over the community rules and maintenance instead of having property values potentially decrease.
  • Pros and Cons of HOA – The Bottom Line
  • Living in a Southport NC HOA community has many pros and cons, but the decision is up to you if it is right for you. Some Southport and Caswell Beach NC HOAs can be better or worse than others, but it varies for each association.
  • If a community you are interested in has an HOA, make sure you ask you Realtor to help you understand its status, plans, and board members to see if it is a right fit for you or not.
  • HOAs can make your life as a homeowner less stressful and provide many amenities that you may not be able to do on your own. However, everyone has their own lifestyle, so making sure you know what an HOA is and what specific ones do is essential when choosing a neighborhood to live in.
  • If you want to move or need help selling, contact us today! Our team at Southport Oak Island Realty Group is here to help you with any home buying or home selling needs!

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