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If you are new to Oak Island North Carolina, just visiting for the day, a week, have lived here for your entire life or are just interested in Oak Island NC, this page is for you! We know that our beautiful coastal area is changing everyday. at times there is so much change happening in different parts of Brunswick County NC that there really is no where to find the information you want about the Island. 

Southport Oak Island Realty Group will try and have as much up to date information, links and content and contacts as possible on this page for you!

Our goal as Southport and Oak Island Realtors are to help you in any way we can! We are ready to assist you, whether asking for the best restaurant on the island, where to fish or even where to buy fish, we know that one day you’ll be asking what house would be a better buy or maybe even asking for help selling your beach home. Just know that we are standing by to help, and please don’t hesitate to call us at 910-457-7113!


So Lets dive in!


While this Oak Island Info page contains all you should ever need to know or want to know about the Town Of Oak Island North Carolina. If you are ready to jump in and find your next Oak Island, NC beach home click the button below!

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Skate Park

Kevin Bell Skatepark

In honor of the late Kevin Bell, who worked tirelessly to help establish the park on Oak Island NC!

The Kevin Bell Skatepark on Oak Island North Carolina has been a much-enjoyed amenity by residents and visitors alike since it first opened in April of 2000. At the park’s 15th Anniversary in April of 2015, it was rededicated in honor of the late Kevin Bell, who worked tirelessly to help establish the park initially. Following the Skatepark’s destruction during Hurricane Isaias in August 2020, the Town began a rebuilding effort to design and construct a completely new, premiere-level facility, which opened in March 2023. 

The Kevin Bell Skatepark is part of the Middle Park Complex, and is located at the intersection of SE 49th Street & E Dolphin Drive, beside the Oak Island NC Water Rescue Station. The address for the Skatepark’s parking lot is 4901 E Beach Drive Oak Island, NC 28465.

The Skatepark provides fun and exciting physical activity for users of all ages and skill levels. 
To ensure a safe environment for all, please adhere to the following rules when using the Skatepark:
  • Only skater / skateboarders / bicyclists are allowed on the skating surface area
  • All users must wear proper protective equipment
  • All users should visually inspect the ramps and park features prior to use
  • Avoid use when park surfaces are wet, icy, damaged, or otherwise appear unsafe
  • Only non-motorized equipment is allowed within the park. No pegs on BMX bikes 
  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed in the park unless under direct adult supervision.
  • No additional equipment may be brought into the park.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the skating surface area
  • No food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, or vaping products are allowed on the park premises 
  • Modifications may not be made to the park features  
  • No fighting or disruptive behavior is allowed on park grounds
  • Vandalism, including the placement of stickers, decals, and / or graffiti is illegal – VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.
    • Do not move the injured person
    • All skating shall cease immediately
    • Dial 9-1-1
Gas Stations
Fourth Of July
Grocery Stores
Propane Providers
TV / Internet Providers
Utility Providers
Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles
Switching Utilities For A New Home Purchase
Renting My Beach House
Beach Bonfires


The Oak Island Golf Club welcomes you to a coastal Carolina golfing experience. Golfers from around North Carolina regularly enjoy the outstanding conditions here in Caswell Beach, NC. But summer vacationers to Oak Island’s vacation community in Brunswick County, NC enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and warm southern hospitality that are hallmarks of Oak Island Golf Course. The 18-hole, 6,720 yard George Cobb design provides an exciting golfing adventure, round after round.

Families, tournaments, leagues and daily-fee golfers can enjoy superb conditions on the course. Oak Island Golf Club prides themselves on helping everyone have a great day on the course.

Built in 1962 by world-renowned architect George Cobb, Oak Island Golf Club meanders through Oak Island and Caswell Beach. This Oceanside course offers golfers many of Mother Nature’s most beautiful amenities; waterfowl, ocean dwelling birds, alligators, and all kinds of maritime plants and trees. The course, which features Bermuda grass greens, tees, fairways and roughs, 37 bunkers and water in play on nine different holes presents a true golfing test to the most avid golfers. Wind, our golfers most formidable challenge is almost always present, as evident by the wind shaped Live Oaks and Yaupon trees throughout the course. A full practice facility complete with sand traps, putting green and driving range is available to help fine tune your game.

Call today for your tee time – 910.278.5275

Duffer’s Pub & Grille at Oak Island Golf Club

Located at Oak Island Golf Club in Caswell Beach, North Carolina, Duffer’s Pub & Grille is sure to become your favorite place to eat, meet, and drink!  And though we are located at a golf course, everyone is always welcome here. Duffer’s has recently built a brand new Restaurant onsite and does not disappoint! From the inside atmosphere, amazing staff to the outdoor patio overlooking the course, you will not want to miss visiting one of Oak Island, NC and Caswell Beach, NC best restaurants!

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Garbage & Recycling Collection

The Below Map Shows All 8 Collection Zones for Oak Island, NC, Click the Link Below to download the Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedules for the current calendar year!

Click Below Where you are to FIND YOUR ZONE!

Year-Round Schedule

Zone 1:  GARBAGE is collected every Monday / RECYCLING every OTHER Monday

Zone 2:  GARBAGE is collected every Monday / RECYCLING every OTHER Monday

Zone 3:  GARBAGE is collected every Tuesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Tuesday

Zone 4:  GARBAGE is collected every Tuesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Tuesday

Zone 5:  GARBAGE is collected every Tuesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Tuesday

Winter Schedule

Zone 6:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Wednesday

Zone 7:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Wednesday

Zone 8:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every OTHER Wednesday

Summer Schedule

Zone 6:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every Wednesday

Zone 7:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every Wednesday

Zone 8:  GARBAGE is collected every Wednesday / RECYCLING every Wednesday

Oak Island City Weekly Update

Most recently the Town of Oak Island, NC has created a weekly update for all to see called “THE CURRENT”. If has actually been very beneficial to many, keeping residents and visitors alike “in the loop” of happenings around and in Oak Island North Carolina. Click the Link below the picture to take you to the latest weeks edition.

Fishing and Fishing Locations
Parking Information

For long time visitors of Oak Island North Carolina, you may be wondering why this header ans section even exists! But unfortunately the small family oriented coastal Town of Oak Island now, as of 2022 requires people to PAY TO PARK and use the “free beach”.

The Town of Oak Island currently provides 1,366 parking spaces across 65 Beach Access Locationsmore than any other island community in the Carolinas! (which we at SOuthport Oak Island Realty Group think the city SHOULD NOT be boasting about, but nonetheless…

Here is all you should need to know when visiting Oak Island to go to the beach.

Paid Parking is:

Only enforced from April 1 – September 30, between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (NOTE: the Resident-Only Parking spaces are enforced until 9:00 PM daily)

NOT CHARGED during special events at the Middleton Park Complex (from SE 46th Street to SE 49th Street), such as the Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market.

NOT CHARGED in the Oak Island Pier parking lot at 705 Ocean Drive, where parking is limited to 2 hours.

Only in the Paid Parking Zone, consisting of the beachfront areas south of the Davis Canal (up to SE 40th St) and E Oak Island Drive (for areas EAST of SE 40th St), unless otherwise noted.

At spaces marked by BUMPERS: Vehicles must be parked straight & centered at a either a YELLOW or BLUE (handicapped) parking bumper (sometimes referred to as a “curb,” “stub,” or “stop block”)

Parking is not permitted in unmarked or right-of-way (streetside) areas.

All unmarked areas in the Paid Parking Zone are assumed to be a “no parking” area; the absence of “No Parking” signage does not indicate parking is allowed.


PAID PARKING PERMITS are available for purchase at rates of:

• HOURLY = $5

• DAILY = $20

• WEEKLY = $80

To purchase a permit, click SurfCast, or use the following options:

• APP:

• WEB:

• CALL: 910-200-1497

Beach Rules and Regulations
Complete Oak Island City Code of Ordinances
We at Southport Oak Island Realty Group know how hard it can sometimes be to dig into the information you need to and should be able to know. Below you will find the latest available pertaining to our beautiful city.
Code of Ordinances
Supplement 62
Online content updated on November 17, 2023
CODE OF ORDINANCES Town of OAK ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA Codified through Amendment of October 10, 2023. (Supp. No. 62)

This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality.


When looking for a New Construction home near the beach in the Southport and Oak Island North Carolina area, there is no better source! Our local Realtors are well versed with the ins and outs of the new construction purchasing process. Buying a new construction home is very different from buying a home that has been completed and lived in for some time. We here at Southport Oak Island Realty Group know what to look for when purchasing a new construction home to help you get the very best home you deserve!

Brunswick County North Carolina has recently been named the fastest growing county in the United States. With that, of course comes droves of new communities and new construction homes. While the rapid growth of the Brunswick County NC area is great, especially in the Southport and Oak Island area, it is import to be mindful when considering purchasing one of these new construction homes.

Within the various new construction communities, there comes different builders. Some builders are better then others. Some of these new construction home builders are better than you could ever imagine, but then there are the ones that will cut ever corner possible! Our expert new construction Realtors at Southport Oak Island Realty Group know the builders, know the new construction communities, and know what to look out for with each individual new construction builder.

In every, or at least many of the new construction communities, there are what we call on-site real estate agents. These real estate agents are hired, you guessed it, by THE NEW CONSTRUCTION BUILDER! They will never have a bad thing to say about the builder, the community, or even any know short cuts the new construction builder is known to take! Yet time after time, we see many new construction home buyers get persuaded to allow these on-site real estate agents to represent them as well as the new construction builder. Tell me that is not a conflict of interest!

When searching for a real estate agent or Realtor to look out for your best interests in purchasing a new construction home in Brunswick County North Carolina, look no further than the new construction home buyer specialists at Southport Oak Island Realty Group!

Some of the Best Realtors in Brunswick County

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