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November 2022 Real Estate Market Update Southport and Oak Island NC

Oak island oceanfront homes for sale in saint james brunswick county and oak island nc

November 2022 Real Estate Market Update Southport and Oak Island NC are in!

It seems that in Brunswick County North Carolina including,  St James Plantation, Arbor creek, Riversea Plantation, the bluffs on the cape fear and Beaver creek Plantation Southport NC are the fastest selling communities! Brunswick county real estate is featured in the Brunswick beacon as well as homes for sale in North Carolina. Long term rentals are hard to come by, especially in Southport NC, Oak Island NC, and St James. Saint James does not have a lot of rental homes but what it does have is the St James Founders Club, the Players Club, the Members Club, and the Beach Club. But, if you are looking for a house in St James NC or searching homes for sale in St James you should call us at Southport Oak Island Realty Group. Of course, when home shopping don’t forget about  Don Bullard insurance Southport for all of your insurance needs.

As North Carolina Realtor’s, we here at Southport Oak Island Realty Group like, as always to help with real estate lingo, like what conveys? Conveys definition is to make a transfer of personal property, usually during the sale of a home. What does not convey? Most people selling in Southport NC might say,  all appliances convey, but some people will say the refrigerator does not convey. So as a buyer and buyers agent, we have to watch out for appliances convey or if they do not convey. Another major item we are seeing is the home your buying propane’s tank owned or leased? Who does propane refill? Are there Propane tank ownership law? And who is selling a 500 gallon propane tank? And what about Crawl space encapsulation? What is a crawl space? Check out the next blog to find out!

As I mentioned above, homeowners in the Southport and Oak Island North Carolina area and most of Brunswick County North Carolina area as of November 2022 are still making HUGE PROFITS off of the sale of their homes, so do not be scared to list your home for sale with us!

We here At Southport Oak Island Realty Group are here to help you and know it is our job to maximize profits for you in the sale of your home in the Oak Island North Carolina and surrounding areas. That is why we are STILL OFFERING our 4% LISTING SERVICES!

Listing your home for less commissions than other firms means that you, the homeowner, get to keep MORE of the home sale PROFITS! It is as simple as that! Why would you want to sell your home and give away more money than absolutely necessary? You wouldn’t!

Our team of experienced Realtors are here to make sure we do all we can to help you and get you as much profit as possible in the sale of your home!

Contact one of our North Carolina Realtors today to sale your Southport and Oak Island or surrounding area home!



Fun fact: If your bronze hand rail looks bad use some repair oil rubbed bronze finish on it! Also works on how to clean oil rubbed bronze door knobs.

October 2022 real estate market update for Oak Island NC

Source: Cape Fear Realtors

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