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May 2023 Real Estate Market update for Oak Island NC

Here we go again!

Southport Oak Island Realty Group in Oak Island NC is proud to present the May 2023 Real Estate Statistics for Brunswick County North Carolina. The month of May 2023 proved to show the real estate market is not only holding on, but actually doing quite well consider the state of the country!

All local real estate indicators are showing an upward trend. Closed home sales, pending home sales, new home listing and median home sales price are all up. unfortunately the days that a home on actively listed for sale on the MLS is also up to 58 days. Needless to say it is still a great time to sell your home if you have not yet!

Reach out to us at Southport Oak Island Realty Group on Oak Island North Carolina to buy or sell your home! We are the best in the business and pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcome for all of our clients!

Southport Oak Island Realty Group is also proud to announce that we are now the number one new home construction sales team in the area! If you are looking to buy a new construction home contact us today before going directly to the new home site! Trust us you will not regret it! We know all of the new construction home builders by name, how they work and how to get you the best deal!


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April 2023 Oak Island North Carolina Real Estate Market Update

oak island north carolina realtor and real estate market update

April 2023 Real Estate Market Updates for Southport and Oak Island NC are in!

April 2023 real estate market update for Southport and Oak Island NC. The market is showing slight signs of declining, unfortunately for home sellers in the Oak Island North Carolina Area! This does not mean that its too late to sell your home, homeowners that still want to sell their home in Oak Island and surrounding areas WILL still make a PROFIT on their home if they do decide to sell now.

The April 2023 real estate market update for Oak Island North Carolina and Southport North Carolina shows that inventory, pending sales are all down, with a decrease in sales prices as well.

Homeowners looking to sell their home still seem to not be aware of the current trend of the market. They do mention that they know the slowdown is coming, they have just not yet realized it’s here

Our team of experienced Realtors are here to make sure we do all we can to help you and get you as much profit as possible in the sale of your home!

Contact one of our North Carolina Realtors today to sale your Southport and Oak Island or surrounding area home!




April 2023 real estate market update for Oak Island NC

Source: Cape Fear Realtors

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March 2023 Oak Island North Carolina Real Estate Market Update

Best real estate company on oak island north carolina and southport north carolina

March 2023 Real Estate Market Update for Southport and Oak Island NC are in!

We are heading full force into spring here in beautiful Oak Island North Carolina! Unfortunately even though the beach is beautiful and calling us, the ocean water is still a little too chilly to get in! But onto what your really here for…


The March 2023 real estate market update shows that Closed home sales are through the roof! It also shows that pending home sales are up and new home listings are up as well. Oddly enough though, the median sales price of these homes had almost no change. I know many people planned on the market crashing by now with our current political structure, but it seems to be holding on, at least in the Oak Island and Southport North Carolina area!

Check the Real Estate stats out for your self, and don’t forget we are her for you!

We here At Southport Oak Island Realty Group are here to help you and know it is our job to maximize profits for you in the sale of your home in the Oak Island North Carolina and surrounding areas. That is why we are STILL OFFERING our 4% LISTING SERVICES!

Listing your home for less commissions than other firms means that you, the homeowner, get to keep MORE of the home sale PROFITS! It is as simple as that! Why would you want to sell your home and give away more money than absolutely necessary? You wouldn’t!


Our team of experienced Realtors are here to make sure we do all we can to help you and get you as much profit as possible in the sale of your home!

Contact one of our North Carolina Realtors today to sale your Southport and Oak Island or surrounding area home!




March 2023 real estate market update for Oak Island NC

Source: Cape Fear Realtors

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Brunswick County NC January 2022 Housing Market Statistics Update

brunswick county nc real estate statistics for january 2022 southport oak island realty group, realtors oak island nc

Just Released!

January 2022 housing and real estate market statistics for the Brunswick County, North Carolina Region.

Highlights from the January 2022 Brunswick County local housing and real estate market update:

  • Pending home sales continue to outpace new real estate listings.
  • Closed home sales saw a significant drop.
  • Home, Condominium and Town-home inventories were consistent.
  • The average “days on market” before a home goes under contract remains the same.
  • Home prices in the Brunswick County, NC region have seen a slight decrease.


What does all of this stuff mean?

While time on market for home remains constant from last month, the overall trend in the housing market remains to have a positive outlook for home values and future sales. Homes continue to sell faster than they come onto the market, period.

Looking at Brunswick County real estate month over month, prices have decreased slightly county-wide. While some may panic at first glance, if we look at common market trends December has always been a slower time of the year for home sales.

For home sellers, time on market is a positive indication of where we are in the Brunswick County real estate cycle and it is the time to sell your home!

Last year was an amazing year for real estate sales in Brunswick County. It appears that even with constent days on market last moth and a slight decrease in the overall sales price, this year may surpass 2021’s numbers!

Contact us today by calling (910) 457-7113. We’re here to help make your next move!

Looking at past and present market trends as REALTORS®, our knowledge will help you when you begin your path to selling their home.

Are you ready to take the next step towards making the most of this sellers market?

We are STILL offering FULL SERVICE listings for just 4% commission rates.

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SOI Realty is now offering 4% commission rates WITH THE SAME SERVICES AND RESULTS as other higher priced firms!

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Your house may be worth more than you know.

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Now Offering 4% Commissions!

Thinking about selling your home Southport Oak Island Realty Group Inc offers 4% real estate sales commissions and we are serving st james plantation nc oak island nc Southport nc bald head island nc and boiling spring lakes nc

Thinking it is time to sell? Your Right!

We opened the firm to provide the local area with the service and dedication you deserve, at a REASONABLE PRICE!

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Closing Process Slow?

Exterior of home picture for Southport Oak Island Realty Group Inc. Offering Real estate Sales in Southport, Oak Island NC, Bald Head Island NC, St James NC

10 Factors That Can Dramatically Slow The Closing Process On A New Home

1. Lack of Communication with Your Realtor 

Your realtor can be your number one asset in the home-buying process, especially when you factor in the complications of escrow. During this time, they will need copious amounts of information and documentation from you to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your purchase. By not being available and keeping an open line of communication, you are delaying your closing procedures. Don’t be the reason your closing process is stalled.

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2. Property Location

Different states have different rules governing real estate. For example, “non-attorney” states, where individuals who aren’t attorneys are allowed to conduct home closings, tend to have sales close more quickly than their attorney state counterparts. (A difference of 30-40 days, compared to 40-50 days) Also, on average, home sales on the West Coast tend to close more quickly than the East Coast.

3. Contingencies

Know what your contingencies are when you make your offer. Contingencies are conditions agreed upon between you and the seller that need to be met prior to the closing transaction being completed. For example, a popular contingency among buyers is a home inspection. You’re spending hundreds of thousands on a home, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

In this case, if a buyer submits an offer with a home inspection contingency, this would allow the buyer to back out on their offer if any major structural defects were found. Some other common contingencies are home appraisal and title contingencies. If these aren’t met, this could drastically slow down (or even completely derail) the closing process.

4.  Financing Doesn’t Go Through

Before starting your home search, you should always obtain a pre-approval letter. While it does not guarantee a home loan, it does show realtors and sellers that you are a serious potential buyer. The pre-approval includes several pieces of important info such as the loan type, amount and the interest rate. It basically tells you and the property owners how much house you can comfortably afford. If you wait to get pre-approved until after you’ve started your home search, it can delay the closing process.

5. Changes to Your Credit Report

You don’t want to make any big moves financially while you are in negotiations on a home. Any mistakes or additional debt found on your credit report can send a red flag to your lender and potentially cause you to lose your financing. Make a conscious effort to pay all your bills on time, comb through your credit report prior to starting your home buying and dispute any negative aspects you may find.

6. Lack Of Title Insurance 

Depending on your lender, title insurance may be required in order for you to sell your home. Essentially, this form of insurance protects the lender’s interest during the escrow process. Without the policy in place, the lender can refuse to give you a mortgage, thus further pushing back your final closing until an agreement is made.

7. Failure to Secure Homeowners Insurance

You’ll need homeowner’s insurance before you close on your property. Anticipate this and begin your search early, around 2-3 week prior to closing, but not before your home inspection and appraisal is complete. You just want to make sure you have it before the day of your closing in order to avoid any setbacks.

 8. Problems in The Final Walk Through

Your final walk- through is typically done 3-7 days prior to closing, and allows you to perform a last check on the property. You want to make sure your home is exactly as it was when you made your initial offer. Plus, if any repair requests were made, you want to ensure they’ve been carried out to your specifications. You’ll also want to double check that everything that was listed as included in the sale (refrigerator, washer and dryer, etc.) are in place.

9. Issues with Closing Costs

As your closing date nears, get ready for large sums of money to begin changing hands… If something goes wrong during a wire transfer, or verification of account information, it could not only delay your purchase, but also leave you tied up financially. Make sure that the bank you’re wiring to is able to accept your wire in the timeframe you’ll need it. Also make sure the amount you are wiring is the full amount agreed upon between you and the seller.

10. Seller Having Second Thoughts

Home buying is a big decision, but so is home selling. It’s uncommon for a seller to have second thoughts and ultimately want to kill the deal as a result, but it can happen. While this is unfortunately out of your hands as a buyer, it is important to note their rights as well. The seller can back out on one of two occasions. One, if the final contract has not been signed, or during the five-day attorney review period. Now after that five-day window has passed, the worry is over. Again, it’s exceptionally rare for a seller to want to back out, but it’s something to keep in mind. Thankfully, they’re usually eagerly anticipating the closing date just as much as you are.