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Despite Boiling Spring Lakes North Carolina not having a lake, homes and properties are still selling at an incredible rate!


Realtors say now is a great time to invest in real estate despite Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina being without a lake!

With real estate prices in Boiling Spring Lakes still soaring, realtors still say it’s a great time to invest your money.

Real Estate prices locally, like most of the country, have seen an increase in the past year or so. Despite this, real estate is a great investment and it’s a great time to buy real estate in Boiling Spring Lakes. One Realtor was quoted saying, “If homes are being purchased as fast as they come on the market and at the price they are now, just imagine what the prices will be when we have our dam repaired and lake back.”

Boiling Spring Lakes is a small coastal city on the edge of several waterfront and beach towns such as Southport, NC, Oak Island, NC, Caswell Beach, NC, and St James Plantation NC. Like many other coastal towns, they all suffered greatly back in 2018 when Hurricane Florence hit the area. Although, unlike many of the other towns, Boiling Spring Lakes, or “BSL” as the locals call it, is still struggling to get back on its feet.

The Hurricane brought with it a devastating amount of rain and flooded many low-lying areas, but it also pushed the town’s dams to their breaking point. Yes, I said “Dams”, plural. While many may not be aware Boiling Spring Lakes North Carolina has several dams, the Sanford Dam, Upper Lake Dam, Pine Lake Dam, and the North Lake Dam, all of which blew out and emptied in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Restoring this beautiful North Carolina coastal town has proven to be no easy task!

Initial estimates were that the town would have the lake back by now, but as new information comes out, the town is looking at 2026 as a potential completion date. Coordination within the City, County, State, FEMA, MOSTU, EHP, and even the USDA are extending the timeline. The good news is that all are staying vigilant and looking forward to successful project completion.

So how does all of this come together regarding purchasing real estate in Boiling Spring Lake North Carolina?

Coastal North Carolina, moreover, Brunswick County is still one of the fastest-growing areas in the state and country. People are realizing what this slice of paradise has to offer and they want a piece of the lifestyle it affords. With the uncertainty of all that is going on in these times, one thing is for sure; people want to own real estate, vacation homes, and lake homes near the coast for their family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

The cost of these real estate properties is only expected to increase, so now is the time to buy. Contact one of the best real estate firms in the Brunswick County North Carolina area, Southport Oak Island Realty Group to help you find your next vacation, rental, retirement, or family home.

You will not be disappointed with the service, attention to detail, and knowledge of the area they have for you!

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